Frequently Asked Questions

Restore Functional Rehab is Out-of-Network for all commercial insurances.  Our treatment model, which offers customized 1-on-1, hands on, provider interaction for the full 60 minute treatment, is not conducive in the typical insurance coverage model.  We believe the insurance model is flawed and we won’t sacrifice the care of our patients to try and treat within the typical coverage model.  Just because something costs less doesn’t mean it’s a good deal if it doesn’t fix your problem.

Absolutely!  We would be happy to supply you with a superbill with all the necessary information on it for you to submit to your insurance carrier.  Depending on your insurance coverage for out-of-network services, they may reimburse you for your covered portion of treatment. 

Dr. Sherman is enrolled in Medicare, but is a non participating provider. This means Dr. Sherman can see patients at the self pay rate. An ABN form must be completed before each visit.  Based on the ABN form selection by the patient,  we can file a claim with  Medicare, however we anticipate all claims being denied based on current Medicare Chiropractic Therapy coverage.

At Restore Functional Rehab, we utilize manual therapy, cupping, scraping, taping, and mobilization for optimal results.  We help the fascia move freely to eliminate unnecessary stresses on your muscles, tendons and joints. By addressing fascial distortions with our proprietary blend of treatments we help get you out of pain, fast!  In addition, the active rehab exercises we preform in office will fast track your recovery.  To further cement our results, we prescribe a custom home rehab protocol, sent to your email with video demonstration, to keep your problem from coming back.  This evidence based treatment approach delivers the best possible outcomes in the shortest amount of time. 

Each treatment is 60 minutes in length.  30 minutes are spent working on the soft tissue using a variety of techniques and 30 minutes are spent on active rehab exercises.  Kinesio Tape is generally applied during each treatement. 

Sadly, no.  After a thorough exam, if we feel we can’t help you, we will refer you to someone who can and the visit up to that point will be free. 

As a rule of thumb, typically we can resolve most acute injuries in approximately 8 visits over a 6 week period.  Long term chronic issues can take longer and adherence to an at home rehab program will help dictate your outcome.  Each person is different and a customized, detailed treatment plan will be laid out for every patient.

You should wear workout shorts and sports top type clothing.  Much of the treatment is either manual skin on skin contact, when appropriate or active exercises.

No, Dr. Sherman utilizes only hands on manual therapy and active rehab protocols for treatment of injuries. 

No, Chiropractors in Florida can be the primary portal of entry for musculoskeletal injuries. Call us to schedule an appointment  727-222-1975